Clemson University (CVA-G) Collaborates with Artists and Local Business and Invites Public to Create Exhibit

"West Greenville in Print" Exhibit

"Love Tree" by Debbie Cole Pace
Printmaking  5.5" x 7.5"
Pronto Plate Lithography

Medusa Tree - Greenville South Carolina. Within the beautiful Falls Park in downtown Greenville.

Clemson University sponsored a printmaking workshop at it's satellite location in downtown Greenville, SC. All participants were asked to bring a photograph (contemporary or historical) of a place, memory, portrait, landscape, architectural structure, etc. that defines West Greenville in their opinion.  The CVA-G partnered to create a series of printmaking workshops with Jeremy Cody of The Printshop, a printmaking studio located at 3 McBeth Street. The photographs are half-toned, which enables participants to draw back into the photographs and use a combo press to make prints from the new image. 

Detail of the print above.
The entire print is made up of dots etched into a polyester plate and then filled with ink and put through the press. 

Printmaking process in action!

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